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Bloodhound Health

Welcome to the  website of the

Bloodhound Joint Breed Health Group.

Here you will find information and links to help you with all Bloodhound health matters.

The Bloodhound is a very robust and healthy working hound breed, and must surely be unique across canine sports, in that the hounds that compete at working trials are almost entirely made up of hounds that also compete in the show ring, thus proving they are very much fit for function, and dual purpose.

Despite this, we, as a breed have never been complacent nor are we under any illusion that there is still room for improvement, as over the last 30 or so, years both breed clubs have taken  breed health very seriously  by  holding regular health clinics and surveys , resulting in todays hounds being free from exaggeration, with much improved eyes.

In keeping with the Kennel Clubs requirement to form a breed health committee, our two clubs, the Bloodhound Club and the Association of Bloodhound Breeders, formed a Joint health Committee in 2014 to enable us to work in conjunction with the Kennel Club, to ensure our breed remains healthy and capable of working, well into the future.

We have worked closely with the KC, AHT (before its sad closure), Nottingham University and numerous veterinary professionals for a continuing and realistic approach to maintain the health, welfare and working ability of our breed.

The specific objectives of The Health Group are:

  • To collate information

  •  To monitor, and improve  the health and welfare of the breed

  •  To educate and inform breeders, owners, show judges, veterinary professionals and potential owners.

Its essential to be a united breed influence in all matters relating to health and welfare issues and, together with The Breed Clubs, to be in a durable position to lobby on Kennel Club or any Government legislative issues that may affect the future health, welfare, integrity, status and reputation of the breed.

We aim to work with Veterinary and Health Professionals, The Kennel Club, Breeders, Stud Dog Owners, Pet Owners, the Media and any other relevant Body, Group or Organisation to promote the Health and Welfare of The Bloodhound.

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