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GDV sometimes referred to as 'bloat'

GDV, Gastric Torsion, Bloat, these terms are all used, and sadly, like all deep chested breeds, bloodhounds are very prone.

In its early stage, the stomach fills with gas, causing a simple gastric dilatation or "bloat".

Sometimes, the condition progresses no further than a bloat.

A GDV, however, is a progression of the bloat into a volvulus, in which the huge, gas-filled stomach twists upon itself so that both the entrance and exit of the stomach become blocked. This is a life-threatening emergency that requires urgent surgery to correct.

Several breeds including bloodhounds, are currently undergoing research/studies into this life threatening, terrible condition.

What can we do to reduce the incidence of bloat in bloodhounds?
At this stage, very little, other than educate potential and new owners into how to possibly reduce the risk factors, and how to recognise the signs.
 Please download the PDF below for more information.
Research suggests there may be familial lines and a genetic predisposition, so breeders need to be aware of this when selecting breeding stock
This PDF is shared with the kind permission of the Irish Wolfhound health group
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