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Dry eye is an inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva due to an inability to produce watery tears. Sometimes called  tear film deficiency/aqueous tear deficiency. 

Dry eye prevents the hounds eyes from being properly moistened, resulting in chronically dry, burning eyes, and scarring and painful ulceration of the cornea which may lead to decreased vision. The disorder requires frequent medication every day. 


How can we avoid this painful condition?

Bloodhounds have  a predisposition to this condition, according to the Canine Inherited Disorders Database. However,  KCS can also occur in any breed as a result of viral infection, inflammation, drug-related toxicity, or immune-mediated disease.  There is an association between removal of a prolapsed nictitans gland (Cherry Eye) and the development of KCS.Breeders must carefully evaluate any hound with dry eye, before considering breeding from them.

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