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Although there have been very few recorded cases in the UK, in bloodhounds, its an issue we dont want to develop, and is therefore potentially something to be aware of, and possibly worth testing for.

Its worth noting the differences between hereditary/primary glaucoma and secondary glaucoma, the latter can be caused from injury.

Its important that breeders understand the differences and take specialist advice from a BVA eye panellist.

Glaucoma is a painful and potentially blinding condition due to a build-up of pressure inside the eye (intraocular pressure, IOP). The increased pressure causes damage to the optic nerve which relays vision messages from the eye to the brain. If treated promptly blindness can be prevented or delayed, with treatment required to maintain a low IOP. If identified too late, however, blindness may be permanent


How can we avoid this painful condition?

Only by screening and breeder integrity.

If your hound is diagnosed with PRIMARY (inherited) Glaucoma its important that its not bred from,

that the breeder is advised and that litter siblings are tested.

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